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Feelings of Safety

It’s a summer night. Your car’s clock shows it’s two in the morning. You feel relieved. A long weekend awaits, with nothing to think about except relaxing. Alongside you, the person you hold dearest in your life can hardly keep their eyes open. Outside it’s 24°C, the air slightly warm; your hand sways, almost as if cradled by the carefreeness of the moment. You can still perceive a...
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Will this year be the turning point for a sustainable energy model?

The forecast that is emerging for the following decades on the health of our planet seems unequivocal. The lowering of air quality levels, climate change, rising sea levels, the extinction of numerous animal species and increasing deforestation are all signals announcing the beginning of a change that has never been seen in previous millennia. 
This is confirmed by the IPCC, the...
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A computer security primer

In recent years, computer security has shifted from being an issue for professionals only to a news topic in the mainstream media around the world. From the alleged interference by Russian hackers in the US presidential elections, to the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, computer security problems are more and more becoming front page news. Technologies such as the Internet...
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Electricity - the most noble energy carrier

What is heavier: a kilogram of stones or a kilogram of gold?  This question may seem confusing, but the answer is simple… they both weigh the same! However, they are not really the same in terms of their other characteristics, and I’d bet that the vast majority of readers would rather take a kilogram of gold than a kilogram of stones. The reason is that the perceived value of the...
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The next industry ripe for change…here we are Richard!

2019 has got off with a bang: none other than Richard Branson has dedicated a post on his blog  to something we think about at CAREL every single day: what future do we want to create for the air-conditioning industry, a sector worth over 100 billion dollars and that is above all such an integral part of our everyday lives that we almost take it for granted? It’s an effective...
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Humidification: When Knowledge Pays Off

Atlanta Humidity is often seen under the negative light of mould, uncomfortable conditions, sweat and stickiness. Bad things, in other words, generally considered worth avoiding. On the contrary, in many important cases, humidity is important, if not fundamental. There are industrial processes where it is needed: for instance, paper printing, wood processing, food preservation....
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Best Defense for Flu Season: The Gorilla in the Room

Do we really see everything that is right in front of us? Most of us will believe that we are fully aware of our circumstances and highly alert of our surroundings. Now, let’s consider a term that was coined by researchers and authors Arien Mack and Irvin Rock in their same titled book “ Inattentional Blindness ” (MIT Press, 1998). Many people believe that merely by opening their eyes,...
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Evolution of the function of Investor Relations and the MiFID II directive

The function of Investor Relations (IR) There are several ways to define the function of Investor Relations, some of which are quite technical, others more accessible; however perhaps the best way to explain IR is to imagine it as a window. A window that investors can look through to more closely examine a company’s economic, financial and strategic directions, but also a window that senior...
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Which HVAC/R news will 2019 bring?

The new year has just started and all of us have in mind some upcoming news in HVAC/R. From the approval of the new version of the IEC 60335-2-89 standard after several months of hard work by the IEC working group, to the publication of the Ecodesign Lot 12 regulation years after the first draft, 2019 could be a key year for the future of our sector. The great variety of events around the...
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[ECO]Design our future

Imagine a desert landscape, with vast clearings extending to the horizon. The earth is tinged a red copper colour, and all around there is oppressive silence among the steep rocky slopes, almost recalling an ancient civilisation. Even though this description has nothing to do with the Earth as we know it today, and resembles more what we know about Mars, it is a way of illustrating what our...
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