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Which HVAC/R news will 2019 bring?

The new year has just started and all of us have in mind some upcoming news in HVAC/R. From the approval of the new version of the IEC 60335-2-89 standard after several months of hard work by the IEC working group, to the publication of the Ecodesign Lot 12 regulation years after the first draft, 2019 could be a key year for the future of our sector. The great variety of events around the...
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9th annual ATMOsphere Europe Conference

Ten years after it was first organised, the ATMOsphere Europe conference was hosted in Italy, in Riva del Garda . Atmosphere Europe has always been the world’s main event organised by Shecco, an organisation with a role as mediator in the promotion of natural refrigerant technologies on the global market. 
This is an excellent opportunity for all companies in the refrigeration...
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Natural refrigerants “to avoid a new problem”

Since 1994, every two years, researchers on compression refrigeration circuits around the world meet in a different city to share their work and experiences on natural refrigerants, in honour to Gustav Lorentzen , the Norwegian scientist who rediscovered CO 2 as a refrigerant in heating and cooling applications. This rediscovery happened in the late 1980s, crucial days for refrigerants, as...
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DCW Singapore confirms the trend towards edge computing and micro data centres

“Data Center World” (DCW) Singapore is a specialist event for the data centre industry; with many leading banking and finance businesses operating in the area, the attention has always been focused specifically on these areas, as indeed ICT infrastructure represents the essential backbone for these services. It is an important hub for the region, yet also a strategic event globally, as...
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Naturally…Chillventa 2018

The crowded 2018 Chillventa show was a mirror image of what is happening in the HVAC/R market. The HVAC/R sector continues to grow in volume , influenced by the increase in average temperatures, the growing need for personal well-being and the optimisation of production processes and quality of the food chain.  The consequent rising interest among industrial funds towards the...
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Present and future of natural refrigerants and connectivity

September has been a month especially busy for HVAC/R stakeholders in Spain: Atmosphere Ibérica , focused on the use of natural refrigerants in Spain and Portugal; Tecnofrío , a national conference about refrigeration installations; and Eurovent Summit , the European biennial meeting of Eurovent Association whose slogan was “ ¡Viva La Conectividad! ”. I was lucky to attend both...
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EuroShop 2017, the challenge of natural refrigerants

The fiftieth Euroshop held last March in Düsseldorf was the biggest in the event’s history. The organisers have announced record numbers: more than 113,000 visitors, a total of 2,368 companies exhibiting, 18 halls occupied and a net exhibition area of 127,000 m 2.   As regards commercial refrigeration, the sector I know best and have been dealing with for many years now, the...
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ATMOsphere Ibérica: how to cool when it’s really hot?

With an outdoor temperature of 26°C on 24 October, it could be said that the weather in Madrid was in line with the main focus of the first ATMOsphere Ibérica event: the challenges of natural refrigerants in warm climates. “Climatic conditions in Spain, Portugal and Latin American make the transition to natural refrigerants, in particular CO 2 , more difficult”, stated Alvaro de Oña, the...
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What happens at Purdue, innovates the HVAC/R industry…and just might save the world

Every other summer since 1972 a community of brilliant minds comprised of academic researchers, students, and industry professionals gather in central Indiana, USA to share their findings on various topics that push the limits of current technologies in the built environment. This past week under the backdrop of a scorching July heatwave the Purdue University held its 24 th Compressor...
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Sailing into the future

What is the situation of the HVAC market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) , what opportunities are there and how can these be grasped effectively?  These and other topics were discussed in Riccione during the CAREL Sales Workshop HVAC EMEA from 4 to 8 June 2018. Against a general backdrop of economic growth in Europe, the HVAC market is very dynamic, standing out...
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