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Gemba - a management process for leading the organization

What does Gemba mean? Gemba is a Japanese word that can be translated as the place “where value is created and things happen”. So why do we use the term Gemba? Because developing this attitude throughout the organisation, and especially among management, plays an important part in the company’s growth over the long term. When managers leave their desk to go to the production line...
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The value of transparency

How many times have we discussed something or argued with someone and then realised later that we weren’t completely right? Sometimes, we convince ourselves of things based on opinions or suppositions that then turn out not to be true. It’s nothing strange, it’s simply human nature . It is not always easy to stay connected to reality, because we like to believe that we know the...
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Why improve when things are going well?

We all know the story of Nokia, which in the 1990s was the undisputed leader in the sale of mobile phones. They made the best phones, with a quality of reception that even now few others match. But then someone in the USA invented the iPhone and the company went into a downward spiral that it has still not recovered from. In the past, makers of audio tapes found themselves displaced by the...
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Datum: 20.12.18
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Marco Portale
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Paola De Troia
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Giorgia Vendramin
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Datum: 9.8.18