Events 2014


A large number of events was organised in 2014, culminating in the three main European exhibitions on refrigeration, climate, air-conditioning and retail. We also took part in a whole series of events organised on the other continents, through our foreign subsidiaries. 

AHR Expo New York, 21-23 January
HVAC&R Japan Tokyo, 28-31 January
ATMOsphere Asia Tokyo, 3-5 February
Chillventa Rossija Moscow, 4-6 February
ACR Birmingham, 11-13 February
MEM conference Sydney, 11-13 February
Euroshop Dusseldorf, 16-20 February
ACREX New Delhi, 27 February-1 March
World of Climate Moscow, 11-14 March
MCE Milan, 18-21 March
Hotelexpo Shanghai, 31 March - 30 April
Solutions Datacenter Management Paris, 9-10 April
Energies Froid Grand Nord Lille, 9-10 April
China Refrigeration Bejing, 9-11 April
ISK-SODEX Istanbul, 7-10 May
Expo Frio y Calor Santiago de Chile, 14-16 May
ARBS Melbourne, 20-22 May
Datacenter Dynamics Santa Clara (SFO), 17 June
ATMOsphere America San Francisco, 18-19 June
AIRAH's - The Future of HVAC 2014 Conf. Sydney, 16-17 July
Datacenter Dynamics Shanghai, 2 September
AHR Expo - México Centro Banamex, 23-25 September
RACE Brisbane, 30 Sept. - 1 October
Energies Froid Grand Ouest Rennes Lille, 1-2 October
Chillventa Nuremberg, 14-16 October
Datacenter Dynamics London, 19 November
Retail Show

Warsaw, 19-20 November