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Sustainability In Action: not just a payoff


Sustainability In Action: not just a payoff

Sustainability In Action: not just a payoff

CAREL held its first ever clean-up day on 22 October, organised with the help of the Venice Lagoon Plastic Free Association, a non-profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness, monitor and remove marine litter from aquatic ecosystems and establish their return to circular processes.

On the beaches in the town of Chioggia, not far from Headquarters, CAREL employees together with their families removed waste from a stretch of coastline where many of them go during the summer to enjoy the sand, sun and waves.

Working in small teams, the volunteers covered different parts of the beach, collecting 140 kg of litter, and also helped monitor the types of waste collected on a 100-metre section of the beach, waste that included plastic, cigarette butts, Styrofoam, cocktail straws and bottle caps. This “booty” was then sorted into approximately 65 kg of recyclable and 75 kg of non-recyclable waste.

Participation in the initiative is one of the objectives promoted as part of the “Driven by the Future” Sustainability Plan to combat climate change and protect the environment, and is specifically classed as an “Awareness of a gesture” activity, devised to increase awareness among CAREL employees that every gesture can make a difference.



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