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    k.Air is the ready-to-use solution for managing air handling and ventilation units.

    k.Air is a preprogrammed and fully-configurable controller, designed to reduce times and costs, from design right through to commissioning. It offers considerable flexibility, so as manage as many applications as possible, from the simplest to the most complex unit.

    The distinctive feature of k.Air is the result of CAREL's extensive experience in air handling unit and humidification management applications. Its intelligent control logic in fact ensures comfort, indoor air quality and a healthy environment, always with the lowest energy consumption, through hygienic and efficient operation of all of the components of the air handling unit.

    k.Air offers an advanced user experience: simplified access to information for users and service via an integrated web interface. A set of graphic pages with unit dashboards are available from first start-up, ready to be used with the new pGDx family of touchscreen displays.


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    A single application with modular architecture, designed to adapt to a wide range of application layouts.


    Easy configuration and commissioning.

    • Pre-loaded configurations;
    • Custom configurations generated by an external tool;
    • Auto-Backup of the last active configuration;
    • Manual configuration via display of all the unit's components;


    Simplified integration, both in the field with the unit's components, and integration with higher-level supervisory systems or BMS via built-in serial and Ethernet communication. Standard building automation protocols such as Modbus and BACnet are native in the controller.


    Built-in web interface with graphic pages and dashboards.

    Air quality and hygiene

    • Indoor air quality control
    • Accurate control of isothermal and adiabatic humidification
    • VDI-6022 program, with functions to improve unit hygiene based on the requirements of the VDI standard

    Energy efficiency

    • Smart device management based on minimum energy consumption
    • Freecooling, freeheating, heat recovery and indirect evaporative cooling
    • Management of direct expansion systems with DC compressors and EEV synchronisation





  • Manuály
    Kód Popis Jazyk Datum * Verze
    Kód +030220980
    Popis k.Air Controllo per unità di trattamento aria
    Jazyk ITA 
    Datum 14/09/2022
    Verze 1.4
    Kód +030220981
    Popis k.Air Air handling unit controller
    Jazyk ENG 
    Datum 14/09/2022
    Verze 1.4
    Kód +030220982
    Popis k.Air Commande pour unités de traitement d’air
    Jazyk FRE 
    Datum 14/09/2022
    Verze 1.4
    Kód +030220984
    Popis k.Air Control para unidades de tratamiento del aire
    Jazyk SPA 
    Datum 14/09/2022
    Verze 1.4
  • Technické listy
    Kód Popis Jazyk Datum * Verze
    Kód +0500135IE
    Popis P+5A0SFC*LK, P+DA00FHD*FK: k.Air - kit per controllo unità trattamento aria e ventilazione / kit for air handling and ventilation unit control
    Jazyk ENG  ITA 
    Datum 14/05/2019
    Verze 1.1


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  • High resolution images
    Kód Popis Jazyk Datum * Verze
    Kód PH18LP+307-kAir-range
    Popis kAir-CAREL-HVAC controls-Air Handling and Ventilation
    Jazyk ALL 
    Datum 01/09/2021
    Verze R.0