Vision and Mission

In 2020, CAREL began a journey of evolution focused above all on sustainability, involving various stakeholders. This journey has allowed CAREL to reflect on its own expectations and orientations and thus define its corporate purpose, the result not only of the company's values and history, but also of what the company aims to represent in response to the challenges of the global market, ensuring sustainable success and creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

As part of this journey, in order to propose a strong and shared corporate identity capable of fostering alignment in the achievement of its strategic objectives, the CAREL Vision was formally defined at the end of 2021.



At the same time, a new version of the corporate mission was also defined, encompassing some slight changes compared to the previous version and focusing more on issues relating to sustainability in the markets where the company operates.

Research, innovation and technology are the keys to CAREL’s success: for almost fifty years, the company has put customer needs at the centre of its processes, so as to offer functional and aesthetic differentiation, with a view to continuous improvement.
An innovative consultant and technological partner, CAREL anticipates market demands, proposing solutions that guarantee high performance, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Care for the environment and attention to the sustainability of its solutions is indeed the defining element of CAREL’s business, as well as a commitment to be respected at all times, every day, so as look to the future of the planet with confidence. CAREL’s brand strategy has also evolved in terms of sustainability, bringing issues relating to corporate social responsibility, energy saving and respect for the environment to the forefront.

All this is summarised in the CAREL Mission.