Career Opportunities

At CAREL headquarters, employees can develop their careers and exploit opportunities for professional growth in different company areas.

Moreover, they can acquire experience in areas other than their own, and take part in job rotation schemes, both locally and internationally. 
CAREL believes strongly in the enrichment that comes from working in teams as part of multifunctional projects for continual improvement and innovation.

Working for CAREL means working in a dynamic and continuously evolving environment, and feeling actively part of the company’s growth.

Identify your areas of interest and submit your application! 


Sales & Marketing

Working in the Sales & Marketing area means understanding the markets that CAREL operates in (Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Retail, Climate): being part of an international team that strives to expand CAREL’s presence around the world, helping to conceive new products and devising the best solutions for our customers.

Possibilities for growth within this area may involve both a marketing context, in roles that define market strategies, propose new solutions/products and support our sales network with technical/application consulting prior to sale, and a sales context, in roles that involve direct customer management and help define our sales strategy in Italy and internationally.

Career paths in this area are often the result of skills and aptitudes that allow the employee to grow within the organisation, forming professional roles that are specific yet at the same time as transversal as possible. People with an international outlook and the desire to work in a multinational context will certainly find satisfaction in Sales & Marketing roles.


Product Development


Working in the CAREL Research and Development area in means enjoying the opportunity to develop within a highly technological and innovative context.
Product development activities are managed by multifunctional teams focused on continual improvement and innovation, in accordance with quality standards and lean philosophy.
The company’s significant investments in Research and Development assure constant development of both technical and managerial skills. Team members follow the entire design process, from new product concept to development, within an international context and so as to affirm the company’s competitiveness.

The ideal candidates are people who are passionate and curious, always up-to-date with the most advanced technology, and capable of finding adequate and innovative ideas and solutions to respond to customer and market needs.





Working in Operations at CAREL means understanding and implementing a cutting-edge lean manufacturing process, using production methods and technologies that are developed in-house, improved and continually made more efficient, with uniform quality standards in all of the Group’s plants. CAREL’s internationalisation and expansion around the world entail continual new challenges from an organisational and logistical viewpoint.

The development possibilities in this area are both technical (engineering, technological development, process improvement, maintenance…) and managerial-logistical, both involving continuous exchanges with the Group’s foreign subsidiaries and plants.


Human Resources


Working in the Human Resources area at CAREL means making an active contribution to the company’s development and success, with the awareness that the company’s most important asset is its people.
HR personnel have the opportunity to learn and experience all of the aspects concerning personnel management in a multinational organisation.

Possibilities for growth within this area involve management, with skills relating to recruitment, training, development and remuneration, and administration, with a focus on regulatory and contractual aspects. 




Working in the CAREL Finance/Accounting area means analysing business management and developing new ways to provide periodical information and analysis that is of value to senior management and necessary for running the company. A company structure that spans all five continents, with different regulations and operating procedures, makes the opportunity of working in this team even more stimulating.

Development possibilities in this area involve Management Control and Accounting/Finance, both of which are administered at an international level.


Information Technology


Working in the CAREL ICT area means seeking and implementing standard solutions in a technological and functional context, solutions that are shared across the entire Carel group, with a view to continual improvement, as well as providing consulting and support in the development of new products and services, increasingly aimed at meeting customer needs, with solutions based on the latest technologies.

Possibilities for growth within this area are both technological and functional in nature.




Working in the Quality area at CAREL means acquiring a complete overview of the company’s processes, understanding in detail the mechanisms that drive the company and that contribute to its improvement. Multifunctional teams working in contact with customers and suppliers at an international level, every day standardise and anticipate needs and problems through the analysis, review and proposal of innovative solutions for improvement.

Development possibilities within this area consist in being able to examine quality issues in detail, based on experiences with different company processes (Operations, R&D, S&M).


Lean Development Office


Working at the Carel “Lean Development Office” means being committed, on a daily basis, to innovating the company and making change your challenge, putting yourself to the test and succeeding in managing relationships with different organisations and people.

The LDO team offers the possibility to propose and support continuous improvement projects and actions that are consistent with the overall objectives established by senior management; to manage continual improvement groups and guarantee correct communication and dissemination of the results and the methods used; to organise and conduct personnel training on Lean methodology; to base your day-to-day tasks on the Kaizen approach, problem solving, coaching, team working and organisational transformation.

Possibilities for growth at the company may involve support for production or clerical activities.