The ESG team

In order to collect, elaborate and summarize all the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) stimuli coming from the reference stakeholders, a multifunctional team has been created in charge of, but not limited to, the following:

  • coordinating and monitoring the achievement of the ESG targets defined by the Group in the context of the sustainable development objectives (SDGs) pursued.
  • proposing objectives and targets in relation to sustainability and climate change issues;
  • coordinating the Group's subsidiaries in the preparation of information and data related to the reporting of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement;
  • leading the stakeholder engagement process and updating the materiality analysis in order to align reporting  activity with the actual identified relevant issues;
  • communicating social, environmental and governance performance transparently to stakeholders;
  • being part of the process of managing the main risks and opportunities in terms of sustainability and climate change.

The ESG team, led by the Chief Financial Officer, reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and periodically interacts with the members of the Audit, Risk and Sustainability Committee ensuring correct alignment with respect to the activities underway and the improvements undertaken.