Steam distribution systems

Steam distribution systems
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    These accessories are available for the humiSteam, compactSteam, heaterSteam and gaSteam humidifiers.

    The CAREL range of accessories for isothermal humidifiers have been especially developed to allow the creation of humidification systems that are complete and suitable for all types of application.

    The fundamental idea is to guarantee optimum operation of the humidification system by providing the installer, maintenance personnel and user all the auxiliary components that simplify installation, steam distribution, operation and control of the humidifier.
    The new high-efficiency linear steam distributors are the first to feature thermal insulation so as to reduce condensation in the ducting.
    This innovation brings extremely positive results in terms of energy efficiency: tests have in fact shown a reduction of at least 20% in condensation when compared to standard steam distributors. 


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