AHU - Steam distributors

AHU - Steam distributors
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    The wide range of linear steam distributors for ducts in the “DP” series is made up of perforated stainless steel pipes supported by a fastening bracket made from Ryton®. 

    This material combines excellent mechanical characteristics with extraordinary resistance to high temperatures.

    The new fastening bracket allows the steam distributor to be fastened vertically to a wall, guaranteeing the correct incline of the distributor for draining condensate.

    The stainless steel linear steam distributors are available in 3 different diameters (35, 45 and 60 mm), which couple respectively to the 22, 30 and 40 mm diameter steam hoses used on the entire range of CAREL humidifiers.

    These distributors are designed to release steam in a uniform manner along the entire length, so as to minimise non-wetting distance.





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    Popis DP***D**R0 / DP***D**RU - Distributori lineari di vapore / Linear steam distributors
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    Datum 27/03/2018
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